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Who is behind “RiB”?

I love language, playing with words and learn more about other languages.

Although I’ve owned this domain since 2010, I’ve only just (since 2019) started using it. Rather involuntarily, but now it was time.

Like almost everyone, I want to arrive. I don’t know where and how yet, because life can hold many surprises and unexpected twists in store. On my way I met and meet people. In the search for the One, it is unfortunately impossible to avoid experiencing disappointments and being the cause of disappointments oneself.

By disappointment I don’t mean those people who consciously exploit us. I mean these people whom you meet at eye level, but soon knowing that you have not yet reached your goal: too early, too late, the wrong environment, concealed wishes, lack of courage.

After all, each of us begins to think about the future at a certain point of closeness. Hopes are important and fortunately one does not always act as logic would suggest.

And some people we let into our hearts so much that it is very difficult to let them go. Also or especially when you know that it is probably better this way. So it was time again for a goodbye and time to finally bring this page to life. Not to complain, but to remember the beautiful moments and to make the farewell easier. From time to time hope has to be readjusted. Thank you very much ( خیلی ممنون ).

Only the very few can get along without emotions and hiding and walling in also helps nothing if you want to enjoy the life. And so everyone has to find her/his own way to deal with them and to transform these feelings positively. I think the most important thing is not to accumulate them. The most interesting thing about it is that everything takes place in your head only but you feel it all over your body.

This is how poems and verses are created in which I think about something, feel about it. Naturally, it is always the same things that make us think or keep us busy. Very few people write poems only about having fun.

To put it in a nutshell:
Life is beautiful. Nobody said anything about it’s easy going.

Have fun reading.
Yours, Dirk